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Cherry Do-Si-Do

A lot of people fall in love at first sight with this one because of its rich, purple hues and vibrant trichomes. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that calms you down but doesn’t hit you over the head.


Glue is a classic–perfect for chilling out in the evening while the day melts away. The heavy mocha flavors mixed with the diesel aroma is kind of like having a delivery truck full of coffee and chocolate idling in your mouth–but in a good way.

Glazed Cherry

This 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid smokes like tangy clouds of cotton candy that put you in a cheery, bouncy mood. Great for parties, creative time, and minor misadventures.


Dosilato delivers a nicely balanced terpene profile with a strong, earthy nose and a sweet lavender finish. It's a nice, heavy high that you’ll feel in your head and in your limbs–perfect for bonding with your couch.

Ice Cream Cake

As you might guess from the name, this strain has a nice, creamy flavor profile with a cookie dough aftertaste. It’s an interesting high that really sedates your body but doesn’t overly cloud your mind, making it a good pick for deep thoughts and late-night relaxation.

New strain selections

Mango Kush

A solid go-to for relaxation and goofy conversation, this classic smokes like a pine-tar-powered booster rocket.

Apricot Haze

This super citrusy flavor profile and energizing, brain-buzzing high is an easy strain to love for wake & bake or creative sessions.

Peanut Butter Breath

Your journey to la-la-land starts with nutty, earthy terps and quickly moves into a head high that may lead to observations of questionable usefulness.